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May 30th to June 2nd 2018

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10th International Competition for Young Guitarists
«Andrés Segovia» from May 30th to June 2nd 2018
in Monheim am Rhein

PRIZEWINNERS 2016   Age group 1   (under 14 years)

May 2016
1st prize Stan GEUDENS Belgium
1st prize Leonora SPANGENBERGER Germany
3rd prize Urbaan REITER Slovenia
4th prize Filip MIŠKOVIĆ Croatia
5th prize Damjan STANKOVIĆ Serbia

PRIZEWINNERS 2016   Age group 2   (14 to 16 years)

May 2016
1st prize Georgi DIMITROV Bulgaria
2nd prize BANG Jeseok Republic of Korea
2nd prize Lucija ŠTIVČEVIĆ Croatia
4th prize Leon JÄNICKE Germany
4th prize Ronja SCHUBERT Germany

PRIZEWINNERS 2016  Age group 3  (17 to 19 years)

May 2016
1st prize LOH Kevin Kai Wen Singapore
2nd prize PEI Yfei People's Republic of China
3rd prize Dominik CAREVIĆ Croatia
4th prize Martin CÁBA Czech Republic
4th prize Emma SCHÜTZMANN Germany


May 2016

EGTA-Prize for the best interpretation of a piece composed after 1970:
Siebe CHAU, Belgium

Master guitar from the Romanian luthier Constantin Dumitriu
Ema KAPOR, Serbia

Stipend for Internationale Gitarrenfestspiele Nürtingen 2016
Radosław WIECZOREK, Poland

Stipend for Internationales Bergisches Gitarrenfestival 2017
Filip MIŠKOVIĆ, Croatia
Damjan STANKOVIĆ, Serbia

Stipend for Internationales Gitarren-Symposion Iserlohn 2017
Jagoda Agnieszka ŚWIDZIŃSKA, Poland

Stipend for Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy 2017
Beata ATŁAS, Poland
Cristina GALIETTO, Italy

Stipend for Rotenburg Guitar Week 2016
Emma SCHÜTZMANN, Germany

Stipend for Volos International Guitar Festival  July 2017
LOH Kevin Kai Wen, Singapore

Applications during February 2016

March 2016

Applications from 26 countries

  Nationalität   Nationality
Belgien Belgium 2
Bulgarien Bulgaria 1
Deutschland Germany 20
Estland Estonia 5
Großbritannien Great Britain 1
Italien Italy 1
Japan Japan 1
Kroatien Croatia 5
Litauen Lithuania 2
Montenegro Montenegro 1
Niederlande Netherlands 1
Polen Poland 8
Portugal Portugal 3
Republik Korea Republic of Korea 3
Republik Makedonien Republic of Macedonia 1
Rumänien Romania 4
Russland Russia 1
Schweiz Switzerland 1
Serbien Serbia 3
Singapur Singapore 1
Slowenien Slovenia 3
Syrien Syria 1
Tschechien Czech Republic 1
Türkei Turkey 1
Ukraine Ukraine 7
Volksrepublik China People's Republic of China 2
SUM   80


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