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10th International Competition for Young Guitarists
«Andrés Segovia» from May 30th to June 2nd 2018
in Monheim am Rhein


March 22nd

We cancelled our presence on Facebook


March 14th

We put up a more precise schedule now.

Enrolment finished

15th February 2018

We are happy about the strong interest from all over the world.
We are looking forward to welcome the young guitar talents in Monheim upon Rhine.

We received 69 applications from the following 30 countries:

Belarus •  Bosnia-Herzegovina •  Belgium •  Brazil •  Bulgaria •  Chile •  China •  Croatia •  Czech Republic •  England •  Estonia •  Germany •  Greece •  Italy •  Hungary •  Laos •  Lithuania •  Macedonia •  Mexico •  Montenegro •  Netherlands •  Poland •  Portugal •  Romania •  Russia •  Serbia •  Slovenia •  South Korea •  Syria •  Ukraine


January 2018

Monheim has no youth hostel. In 2018 the hotel prices will partly be higher than in 2016, because there will be a trade fair and they will demand business-tariffs. In addition to the mostly inexpensive private accomodation we found another good-value hotel in the neighbouring town of Leverkusen and added it to our accomodation-list:

"RheinRiverGuesthouse" (ca. 35 - 50 € per person and night)
Trip to the competition site: 10 min on foot + 10 min bus ride.

Together with your booking request please give the keyword "Gitarrenwettbewerb"

Festival Stipendia

January 2018

CONCERT: Heading For Fame

January 2018

As a highlight we will present a concert with a Chinese soloist and a duo from Germany.

Liying ZHU
Liying ZHU (China)

Duo Golz-Danilov Duo GolzDanilov (Germany)

Heading For Fame

Most successful young artists
- well underway to establish an international career -
are eager to perform for connoisseurs

Thursday, 31st May 2018   20 h
Aula Berliner Ring  (Hall 3)
entrance free

Konrad Ragossnig  †

January 2018
Konrad Ragossnig

Orbituary to Konrad Ragossnig
(abbreviated version of the orbituary on the EGTA website)

In January 2018 Konrad Ragossnig passed away, one of the great artists and pedagogues of our instrument. With his demise we not only loose an immensely competent and versatile colleague, but an era to whose generation we all owe so much, comes to an end. He was one of those who helped the guitar to gain international esteem - be it on stage, in tuition or publications. His performances around the globe covered many decades and today his former students belong to the important propagators worldwide. To this very day his manual for the guitar and lute belongs to the core literature in scientific research dealing with our instrument.

We can be proud that Konrad Ragossnig more than once honoured our competition with his presence as a jury member. We will miss him.

Alfred Eickholt
Chairman of  EGTA•D

Jury 2018

September 2017

The Jury for the competition 2018 is chosen.
The assignment to one of the age groups will take place later.

Age group I   --   under 14 years  --   13 - 15 Min. total duration

  • Fernando Sor
    from: 12 Etudes op 6
    No 1  D-Dur  and  No 2  A-dur
  • Johan Kaspar Mertz
    Nocturne op 4  No 1
  • free programme from 2 different historical periods minimum
    (of which one can match the period of the compulsory piece)

Age group II   --   14 to 16 years   --   17 - 20 Min. total duration

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos
    from: 12 Etudes
    No 2 Allegro  and  No 3 Allegro moderato
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos
    from: 12 Etudes
    No 11  Lent
  • free programme from 2 different historical periods minimum
    (of which one can match the period of the compulsory piece)

Age group III   --   17 to 19 years   --   1st round: 13 - 15 Min. total duration

  • Manuel María Ponce
    from: Sonata III
    02 Canción
  • Manuel María Ponce
    from: Sonata romántica
    02 Andante espressivo
  • free programme

Age group III   --   2nd round "Finals": 13 - 15 Min. total duration

  • Free program, containing a piece composed after 1980
    Pieces from the 1st round may not be played here for a second time.

Photo-Gallery 2016

July 2016

To keep a good memory we put the Photo-Gallery 2016 online.

Video Trailer

Get a vivid impression by our VIDEO CLIP.


May 27th 2014

To make the communication among the participants more easy and also for other friends of the guitar we just now opened a facebook page.
HERE is the Link.

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check-in on May 30th 15-20 h

Monheim am Rhein

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