General terms and conditions

  • The competition is open to all young guitarists who fulfil these four requirements:
    • they are in one of the age groups mentioned below;
    • the repertoire they will be presenting fulfils the requirements mentioned under the item "Mandatory pieces" ;
    • their application is received within the announced application period;
    • they have declared their agreement to these General terms and conditions of the competition.
  • The competition will be carried out in three age groups. The cut-off date for determining a participant’s age is June 2, 2024.
    • Age group I: up to 13 years old
    • Age group II: 14 to 16 years old
    • Age group III: 17 to 19 years old
  • The application period is from January 1 to February 29, 2024.
  • The number of participants per age group is limited. Applications are accepted in the order in which they are received.
  • Participation in the competition is at the participants‘ own risk, any liability by the organizer is excluded.
  • Costs for travel, accommodation and meal are to be borne by the participants.
  • The order in which participants perform will be drawn by lot; performance times will not be announced before check-in on May 29, 2024.
  • The assessed performances are public. The organizer’s management reserves the right to allow or deny access to the event venue.
  • The decisions of the jury panel are final and not appealable. Legal recourse is excluded.
  • The list of pieces submitted together with a participant’s application is binding. Pieces must be performed by heart.
  • The indicated times refer to the total duration of a performance including all pieces. This means that the timer starts running from the first note played until the last note of the program has faded and the artist has ended his or her performance.
  • The jury panel in charge will decide on the participants in the final round of age group II. The program played in the final round may not contain any pieces that were already presented in the first round.
  • When participants are pupils of a jury member, the jury member in question may not assess the performances in the respective age group.
  • The Jury is bound to secrecy until the results are officially announced.
  • Up to five monetary prizes are awarded in every age group. The jury reserves the right not to award individual prizes or to split prizes. When prizes are split, the arithmetic mean of the sum of the prize and the next-lower, not-awarded prize is used to calculate the prize money.
  • Both the prizes awarded and the rating the performances according to the following schedule are published:
    "Excellent" (20 to 25 points)
    "Very good" (17 to 19 points)
    "Good" (14 to 16 points)
    "Successful participation" (less than 14 points).
    The number of points achieved by each participant is not published.
  • The certificates given to participants contain the following information:
    the prize that has been awarded
    participation in final round (only age group III)
    the performance rating
  • In the event of discrepancies, the German version of these general terms and conditions shall prevail.
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