Up to five cash prizes will be awarded in every age group. The jury reserves the right not to award individual prizes or to split prizes.


Age group I II III
First prize € 500 € 1000 € 1500
Second prize € 400 € 800 € 1200
Third prize € 300 € 600 € 900
Fourth prize € 200 € 400 € 600
Fifth prize € 100 € 200 € 300

EGTA Prize in age group II

In age group II, the EGTA-D will award an additional advancement prize in the amount of € 500 for the best interpretation of the eight pieces listed below.

Malcom Arnold

Fantasy for Guitar

Richard Rodney Bennett

Five Impromptus
I Recitativo
II Agitato
III Elegiaco

Lennox Berkeley

Sonatina for Guitar
I Allegretto

Leo Brouwer


Hans Werner Henze

3 Tentos (arr. Julian Bream)
1. Tanquilliamente
2. Allegro rubato

Ernst Krenek

Suite für Gitarre allein op. 164
I Allegro moderato
II Andante sostenuto
V Allegro

Frank Martin

Quatro Pièces Brèves

William Walton

Five Bagatelles
II Lento
III Alla Cubana

Participation in this award category is voluntary; the pieces must be played in addition to the mandatory pieces for age group II mentioned above. This does not extend the total performance time (17 to 20 minutes).

Special prizes

For age group III, the renowned German master guitar builder Thorsten Sven Lietz has donated a concert guitar from his master workshop as a prize, worth around € 6000.

In addition to the cash prizes, the jury will award scholarships to international festivals.

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